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Robohon, I love you !

Robohon, I love you !

It sits, stands, talks, and even dances.
Very cute, Its just 8 inches tall.
And you are going to fall in love.

Meet Robohon, the very cute Robot phone

Made by Sharp, Its going to be available in 2016, in Japan for starters.

It comes equipped with a camera, projector, voice and face recognition, and much more.

Business is People, technology and everything else is secondary

Business is People, technology and everything else is secondary

You don’t build a business,
– You build PEOPLE

And then People build the Business
– Zig Ziglar

I couldn’t agree more. This is so important that it should be made into  a poster and framed

Business is People –  Your customers, Staff, Vendors, Service providers, Friends, Networks, and many others. Every other technology that we use is just an aid in providing the services required.

Nothing new here; it’s just important enough to take  a moment each and every day to remind ourselves of this.

It is good business sense too. When you put People first, you are able to create real value and happiness –  for your customers, and their customers, for your suppliers, for your staff and workforce, and indirectly their families, and of course yourself and your company.

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SEO – Then, Now, and How to

SEO – Then, Now, and How to

Has SEO changed much?

Oh yes, drastically over the years.
What SEO was then and What SEO is now, and how to implement it – is extremely important for your business’ growth
And it will continue to change due to rapid evolution in technology and the growth of social media. It will also change because what is highly relevant now, was not relevant then. A clear example is search based on mobile technology.
What changed much were the tactics used to suit the search engine algorithms, and the consequent strategies that are now looked upon as Spam based.
What did not change – are some evergreen strategies that are as effective today as they were then.
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Introducing SAM – the Students Application Manager

Introducing SAM – the Students Application Manager

Who needs SAM?


SAM is the software used by companies, education consultants, and agencies that send students abroad for education.
SAM makes business easy, and profitable, for such companies that need to manage the Documents, Applications and Status of each student, as well as its Partners in the network.

What does it do ?


SAM keeps track of live status of every student,
their application to various courses and
handling documents for each course,
while also managing the channel partners, franchises and agents.



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Use Facebook’s own search engine, Don’t Google it !

Use Facebook’s own search engine, Don’t Google it !

Facebook wants users to skip Google. This fight between aFacebook and Google just never ends.

The report says, Facebook is used by many digital news organisations to share content and this move will help solidify its position as a content host. “By hosting content and allowing users to search for stories in its own app, Facebook is making it easy to read and share news without ever actually leaving Facebook,”

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Launching AUTO serVces for business

Launching AUTO serVces for business


What is AUTO serVces and how can it help you?

It is a whole gamut of software tools for business that require automation.
Many business today require automated services for their businesses. That is  – a computer program that runs without human intervention.
Automated services are used by a host of businesses to eliminate repetitive tasks, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.
There are three categories of automated services:

  • scheduled and time-initiated,
  • user-initiated and
  • conditional ( based on other conditions).

It can be as simple as an automated Payment Reminder to something as complicated as a complex set of services or processes based on other conditions.

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