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It’s happening right now ! It’s an epidemic virus called WannaCry affecting 100 countries, and it’s freezing your data for ransom.

So don’t take this lightly. Here’s What to do, and What not to do.

  • Install your windows and other security updates. The following is >> [ Microsofts Guidance for Wannacry ]. Keep your auto-updates settings on.
  • Install the Repair Patch from the microsoft catalog. The link is:
  • Run any anti-virus updates that you have. Every anti-virus( paid versions) is creating its updates to deal with this.
  • Take Backups of your important data immediately!
  • This ransomware is spreading through email !
    Do not open untrusted emails, especially that contain downloads. Delete them directly, or mark as spam
  • ATM’s are not safe ! –  at least upto the next 2,3 days uptil the updates have been installed and verified by banks. So avoid using them. Many ATMs will remain closed too.
  • Aadhaar linked accounts are not safe !
    A lot of personal data online are now connected to the Aadhaar data of over a billion Indians.
    Since the user’s bank account is linked with his Aadhaar number, the ransomware can potentially lock down the account and make it unusable unless a ransom is paid,”  – Pradipto Chakrabarty, Regional Director, CompTIA India.
  • Reduce Netbanking from your desktop. Although not officially announced whether netbanking is absolutely safe or not for the next few days, it is better to remain safe. Go to the bank for neft and money transfers, and use cheques and other bank instruments.
  • Your phone is unsafe too ! – This ransomware affects phones and internet connected gadgets as well. So all the above precautions apply. Install the system updates and patches. Backup important data. Avoid financial transactions from your phone, including online shopping !
  • What to do if you do get infected? 
    Unless you have backups of the frozen critical data, you will sadly have to pay up. The government or other agencies cannot help, as on date.


Note for my friends, clients and their trusted friends:

You can whatsapp me, or call, for any advice or help that we may be able to provide.
– Gurpreet Singh, 8802125774

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