Get Your Business Online: How to Take Your Offline Business into Ecommerce

Take Stock of Your Offline Business

Develop a Pricing Strategy to Get Your Business Online

Digital Business Tools

Develop an Ecommerce Marketing Plan

Getting the Right Help to Take Your Business Online

Before You Get Your Business Online

Getting Traffic for a Profitable Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce App and Webfront
Eshop-Ecommerce App and Webfront

Getting the Right Help to Take Your Business Online

Once you are ready to connect a custom domain (this is your best option for branding) you can connect an external domain and host to your Bizgenius online store and Extend your Business and add the online to your offline

You can try Bizgenius risk-free and cost-free for two weeks. No matter the size of your business, there are a variety of plans to choose from, for growing businesses that plan to scale quickly

Distribution Channels for Marketing
Get your business online through multiple distribution channels to increase sales. With Bizgenius, you can easily install the Facebook store app to your Facebook business page, and you can start selling directly to your customers. Amazon and Wanelo let you distribute your products there but for a fee. So, research before posting.

You can upload your product list to Google Shopping directly from your Bizgenius dashboard so that when people search on Google, your product shows up on the Google Shopping section. Bizgenius makes this process simple and powerful. You can also create Smart Shopping campaigns for fast and effective returns.

Online Advertising
Pay-per-click ads are still a very popular way to advertise your products or services. If you want to reach a more targeted audience, go with Facebook advertising. Plan a budget for this, use the data from your buyer persona and do a couple of test ads. You can always turn off the ads that are not performing in 24 hours or less.

Online Advertising

Discounts and Sales
Set up promotions as often as you like, but check your data to see if they are profitable. They are a great way to drive traffic and attract buyers. Especially those first-time buyers that haven’t discovered your offline business online yet. Just don’t overdo it.

Offer discount codes and promotions on special occasions or when you work with an influencer and want to give a unique code on her sponsored post. A few times a year launch a big sale. This a great way to get rid of merchandise and make space for new items.

If you want to get your business online, you can do it.
Anyone can take an offline business online, but to have a successful launch you need to work hard. Now, take a deep breath, this was a really long read. Pull out your notes, and take action – try Bizgenius for a 14-day free trial. In no time, you’ll be launching the online business of your dreams.

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