Certificate as an NFT- Knowing Goddess Saraswati – course for children

an amazing NFT certified program from Moksh Path

Knowing Goddess Saraswati ” is an amazing program for children,

What makes it special is that it gives you Value to stay with you for life, in more ways than one.
Besides the easily understood wisdom filled bites, the course provides a Certificate in the form of an NFT

What is the NFT certificate benefit ?

  • The NFT also signs the Certificate for the KGS program, giving you permanent verification of having done the program.
    Free users of the program, cannot get the NFT certificate.
  • The NFT identifies you as a Moksh Path member and unlocks future special benefits for a long time to come
  • Of course, the NFT is also a collectable,  a beautiful and unique souvenir and a special memory.
  • Like many NFT’s it may possibly increase in value over time.
  • You can show it off on your social media and Twitter even gives you a special profile for your NFT !
  • Moreover, It introduces and opens new avenues for you, your family and kids to the wonderful worlds of new money, and metaverse and digital valuables. It teaches your kids how to handle your digital wallets, understand new terms, and enter the new financial world with confidence.

This Saraswati Goddess NFT was released on Basant Panchami.
You can buy it here for the combined KSG program bundle !