Business Trends that you cannot and should not ignore

Business Trends that you cannot and should not ignore

1. Ecommerce – The shift towards

Ecommerce is no more just an additional requirement for your business, it is a necessity.
If your business has something to sell, whether it is products or services; and
Even if you a have a well running brick and mortar store, it is high time to set up and tweak your ecommerce systems.

Ecommerce is implemented in many different forms today. It can be your amazon look-alike, or online catalog, or a vogue magazine, or a drop-shipping model, or selling by live webinars, or even a zomato type price-list which allows you to take orders.

In fact we are now moving to newer grounds like the Metaverse and 3D Decentraland galleries.
Each system has its own methods and is to be treated differently as per technology and its use.

2. Mobile marketing first

It is evident that Mobile is now more important than most other mediums, as far as marketing is concerned. What is not so evident that even when the target audience is the same, the audience behaviour changes at the mobile user end.

A simple example– we tend to use very short words, slang, abbreviations and emojis when we are chatting on our smarphone, and a different language structure and words when we use email.

Similarly when we google for a product on the mobile, we use different sets of word ( or keywords) than when we google on our laptop.
Businesses need to take into account the customer mobile behavior into their marketing strategies.

The mobile also leads us to a the next important point

3. Your business App and website

Your business App brings you closer to your customers fingers and eyes.
It helps the customer get into instant touch with you.
It also helps you engage your customer and to broadcast your new products and events and company message.

Many businesses fail to understand the difference between the App and the Website.
It would be wise to treat the business App as differently from the business website because,
The business website is mainly meant for ‘Custome Trust’ and ‘Information’,
whereas the App is meant for ‘Customer Engagement’

4. Community, Followers, and Tribe

This is important.
Build and nurture a community, or multiple communities, using various methods and media.
Social media followers is also important to get your voice heard in the information noise
An interesting and important community is about creating Tribes. Seth Godin defines the methodology for this in his excellent book- Tribes

5. The new Game-changers
– New money, New finance, New technology, New marketing

Learn the new ways of marketing, news ways of money and finance, otherwise you will soon be left out.
The new money, systems, terminology like ‘Tokens’, ‘DeFi’, ‘staking’, dApps’, ‘Crypto’, and of course the emerging ‘Blockchain’ and ‘Web3’ and ‘metaverse’ sound a little confusing, far-fetched or even illegitimate right now.
And now AI – Artificial Intelligence – is fast changing every aspect of business and our life and economy.

But even if your business is not thinking of using them, you should have a clear understanding of these. This will help you prepare your systems, marketing, data and finance security right.

How important is it?
For example, consider the ‘Giving-Away-for-Free’ business strategy.
Few years ago, many businesses scoffed at those who were giving away for FREE many amazing services and business products.
Now check out Whatsapp, Google Search, Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, Cred, PayTM, and a hundred other companies and services around you.
They are making tons of money and benefits by providing something for Free.

And now you can’t compete because they have grown too big.
Had you started similarly at that time, when they were probably smaller than you, your name would be in the charts now.
Feeling left out, aren’t you ?
So experiment and apply the new Game-changers. It will be worth it when the time comes.


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