Shoe Shop App with POS Feature

Shoe store POS
Get the most out of your shoe store POS with Bizgenius all-in-one retail solution that’s designed to get customers running through your door.

buying shoes online
Buying Shoes Online

Manage your inventory with ease
The fortress of shoeboxes located in every footwear store is a common sight. Managing that inventory along with all your other shoe accessories however is no easy feat. That’s why Shoes E-store App has a robust inventory management system that gives you an unlimited number of SKUs, that makes sorting your items simple. Adding, editing and deleting stock items is as easy as a few clicks.

Transform your retailing experience
Don’t be restricted by standing behind a counter, next to clunky hardware. Hike works on any device that has access to a web-browser and internet connection. Including tablets, enabling you to take your footwear sales to the customer directly. Shoes E-store specifically designed iPad app streamlines your business operations with a simple, yet fast point of sale.

shoes store app

Sell online with your Shoe store POS

Your POS can accept all leading mobile payment providers around the world including PayPal, iZettle and Tyro. Give your customers options on how they pay by creating custom payment types. In addition, you can even choose to work with your existing merchant provider with Bizgenius.

Make quicker, smarter business decisions

As an all-in-one retail solution, Bizgenius is a brilliant vessel to access how well your shoe store is doing. From sales charts to inventory reports, Bizgenius gives you all the information you need, accessible from our brilliant POS system. Access real-time information with just a few clicks (or taps!) and make smarter decisions.

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