Why you need Product Pages

Your Product, Your Product pages, and what has SEO got to do with it !
If your business sells products, then
Let us understand the following key points.

  • When you have a product sitting on your shelf space or warehouse, it will not be discoverable online
    you take it online. That is what a product Page or product blog does. But..
  • Your Product page or Blog will not be shown to online searchers in various ways,
    it is accepted  and Listed by Google.
  • Google will not rank and list your product page in google search,
    Google can properly understand, decipher, and index your product attributes
  • Google cannot properly index your product attributes
    your page has been created in structures, methods, Keywords,  and formats that make it easy for Google to index.
    That is what SEO does for you.
  • Finally, once your pages are indexed, listed and ranked,
    your buyers will not buy or show interest
    the product is made appealing with good sales copy content, and is shareable on Social media.
  • If your Product page is able to sell your product because it fulfills the above critera,
    Then you need many Product pages for every product.

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