gst markup profit calculator

The GST Markup and Profit Calculator


What does this Calculator do?

This is a very useful Calculator or tool, to help retailers and store owners set the price of their goods.

Very often, it is easer and more user friendly selling a product when it is priced as a Round figure.
But this is easier said than done. Why?
The main reason is GST.

An example

Let’s take a real example:

If your item cost you 3500, adding a 25% profit, and then adding 5% gst gives you a Selling price of Rs 4593.75.
But, It would be better to set a Markup Retail Printed of  4600.

This creates another problem. Now, You will need to calculate the Sale Price on which a 5% GST  added comes to 4600.

The Solution

This Calculator solves this problem by allowing you to enter a Final Printed Retail price , or Markup price, and Calculate the Sale Price and corresponding GST.

In this case the Sale price before GST is calculated as 4380.95, on which a 5% gst of 219.05 brings the total Final price to 4600.

Not only that, it also calculates you Profit, both as amount and as various percentages, based on the Markup Price.

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gst markup profit calculator

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