Student Leads and Applications Management

To understand, what this software does, let’s take an example:

Imagine how the following interaction between
an aspiring student Jessica , and Nadia  at the Management end,
makes the work easy and seamless at both ends

At the Students’ end
  •  Jessica opens the App 
  • fills in her profile, ph no, location etc
  • and enters her courses of interest, and some other info 
  • Jessica then has access to her own set of facilities
    for profile, chatting, and uploading and receiving her documents
  • She does not have to resort to email or courier for documents,
  • All documents remain indexed, stored and accessible.
  • She does not need telegram or whatsapp for chatting.
  • All her chats remain in one place, and no information is lost
  • She also gets notified on her email when Nadia send her a message or document.
At the Management End
  • At the other end, Nadia has a live view and control of everything going on in her business. 
  • Jessica appears on her dashboard viewport,  and
  • she can chat with her and ask for more information and for documents.
  • She can also send Jessica any documents or Forms to be filled up.
  • Nadia can setup the whole business Work Stages and Milestones from Lead received to documents recd to visa to university acceptance to fees paid, etc.
  • She can simultaneously handle a large number of students and all their work and documents,
  • and also have a birds eye view of which work is at which stage for each student application. 
  • Nadia can also lock out any student from the app when she’s done with it.
  • All this is done on the cloud servers and this work can be done simultaneously on multiple terminals.
  • Also nothing gets lost or misplaced.
  • The above setup can be one witbh or without an android App