True Invoice

True Invoice
for CGST, IGST invoices, 
and also available for Unregistered dealers


BENEFITS of True Invoice

Totally customization

  • Banner Graphic, Logo,
  • Signature stamp,
  • Starting bill number,
  • Transport labels,
  • Terms conditions,
  • GST,
  • Name , address, tagline, etc,etc

Get Valuable information about your business

  • What was my sale in this month? ( or within any time period)
  • What was the monthly tax ?
  • Which Party is doing the most sales, or the least?
  • Which item/s are selling the most, or the least
  • and who purchased this item and how much and when

All data safe and immediately accessible

  • All your bills,
  • All your customer list
  • All your Item ratelist including HSN codes

All correct, No mistakes

  • If you make a mistake in the bill, correct it easily.
  • Change the whole bill if you want to !

Save money. No printed stationery required

  • Save big on preprinted billbook costs, for CGST, IGST or for unregistered dealers
  • You can put in your logo, letterhead, and redesign the bill yourself

Work easily with your CA or accountant

  • Easy for You !
    • You dont have to send you paper bills to your CA. Ask him to log in from his end, and easily collect al data required
  • Easy for your CA
    • The CA does not need to re-enter your bills.
    • Even reports of Totals monthly Sales and taxes is available.

Peace of Mind. No Installation, No Hardware No Software problems

  • No Installation required
  • No hard disk
  • No Backups
  • Every data is absolutely safe. If your device is down, use another and continue.
  • No anti virus required (although recommended for your own safety)
  • Works on any computer and OS that you have, Apple, Windows, whatever.
  • Save huge on these headaches and costs

Full Support

If you need any help, or any changes to be made, you need not wait for a visit. Just Call.

Every modification will be done at the server level, and automatic upgrades as well.

If you have any special requirements, let us know, and we will be delighted to help you.

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