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Why QR codes are an important sales tool for your product, and how product pages help your business.

QR codes have been used by big companies very effectively. However many small and medium offline businesses have not yet been able to make full use of this simple but versatile business tool, mainly due to lack of understanding. Given below are ways to make good use of QR codes, to boost your sales and build trust with your customers.

Lets us start with some basics – the Product Pages

The Product pages are at least as important as the product itself !

Every customer likes to show and flaunt an item that she has just purchased. So all the interesting facts, especially the ‘wow’ features can be described in your Product pages.
The Product pages can also have pictures and videos to provide additional details about the product she has purchased.

Just Basic details are not enough

By scanning the QR code, customers can access not just the item details, they can also refer extra information like
– how to care for the product, its expiration/renewal dates, insurance, and much more.
This not only helps customers make their purchase, but also adds value to their buying experience.

Every product has Related products and Cross sales

QR codes can also show customers similar and related products that they may be interested in, which can increase your sales and profits. By using QR codes to ask customers to browse your catalog and order more, you can create a seamless and enjoyable purchasing experience that keeps them coming back for more.
Some products are also purchased as accessory items to your main product, such as a Cleaning fluids, or a Fragrance bottle, or some consummables required for the product.

Authenticate your item with a QR

Not only do QR codes provide valuable information to your customers, but they also add an extra layer of authenticity to your products.
This is sometimes a critical factor for customers when making purchasing decisions, and QR codes can help increase the trust and confidence they have in your brand.

If your don’t have your Customer details, you don’t have a customer

In addition to these benefits, QR codes can also be used to collect customer details so that you can customize your marketing campaigns to their preferences.
A customer will be happy to enter her details to get extra benefits or support from you.
This can lead to increased engagement and loyalty, which can ultimately drive sales and referrals.

A Personal connection is important

QR codes can also be used to connect with your customers on a more personal level. By providing your own contact information such as email or WhatsApp numbers through the code, customers can easily reach out to you with any questions or concerns.
This can create a strong sense of trust and reliability, which is vital for building lasting relationships with your customers.

QR for fast Payment gateways

And let’s not forget the added convenience of QR codes. By providing a payment gateway through the code, customers can make quick and easy payments for the product they want or for other products they discover through the code.

Get more Traffic for your Social platforms

Additionally, QR codes can be used to drive traffic to your social media pages.
By including a link to your Facebook or other social media pages, you can increase your fan following and build a strong online presence.
This can further enhance your brand’s reputation and increase your customer base.

Brand Value comes from trust

Finally, it’s important to note that investing time and effort into utilizing QR codes in many different ways in your business, you can greatly increase the level of trust that customers have in your brand.
By providing them with valuable information, coupons and discounts, and a convenient and happy purchasing experience, you show that you value their satisfaction and are committed to providing high-quality products and services.

In conclusion, QR codes are a powerful tool that can greatly benefit your business.  By providing valuable information and engaging experiences to your customers, you can build trust, increase sales, and create lasting relationships.

Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunities that QR codes can bring to your business. Add them to your products today and watch your business soar!


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